What People Say

What People Say About us

“Like most people, I have a good grasp of what I need to do in order to achieve my goals – I need to eat healthily, go to the gym and get enough sleep. Whilst I was going through these motions, I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t getting fitter, faster or stronger and I definitely wasn’t feeling as good as I wanted to.

Things changed after I started working with the Living Life Better team. The initial assessment involved a one to one consultation and an introduction to the specialist technology they use to analyse all aspects of lifestyle. After wearing the device for four days, my assessment was returned to me with some striking observations.

Where I was saying all the right things, the data showed me that whilst I might be going to the gym, I wasn’t putting in the effort needed to demonstrate the progress I wanted. I thought I was eating well enough, but if I didn’t eat enough carbohydrates of course I would be tired – and then I’d crave sugar to feel better! The large glass of wine on a Friday night was having an impact on my run on a Saturday, as was the lack of water. Seeing my activity, food and drink intake and sleep presented as a report was the wake-up call I needed to want to make change. It wasn’t just a chat with tick boxes – this was an open and honest conversation with an objective report – there was nowhere to hide.

My coach was flexible and realistic in the support he gave me and initially he offered small tweaks I could make to my routine to have an impact on my performance. Having worked with coaches and personal trainers in the past, this didn’t feel like an off-the-shelf print out of a plan that had been given to the ten people before me. This was a collaborative conversation that used my lifestyle data as the starting block. Finally, I felt motivated to make choices to meet these more meaningful targets.

I have continued to work with my coach to revisit my goal. The clear long term goal remains and has become much achievable as I now understand the short-term targets that will facilitate progress.

Living Life Better has empowered me to make better choices. It has had direct impact on my sports performance, highlighting areas I didn’t acknowledge as weaknesses but were contributing to my lack of progress. I also have a much clearer view on why I want to progress – it has made the effort so much more purposeful.

I would recommend Living Life Better to anyone who is looking to review their current lifestyle for me it’s been a game changer.”


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my first appointment with Living Life Better unlocked my brain to a new way of thinking about my health.  To fully understand how hugely alcohol and caffeine impact me was a huge eye opener. Additionally, this has given me advice on a combination of both exercise and relaxation allowing me to feel more positive and energised.  I thought that this was really only for elite athletes, but it isn’t – I am a 60 year old who is “an old dog being taught new tricks”.