Packages & Prices

Your initial appointment is called Base Camp and will be with one of our lead consultants.  It will involve exploring WHAT you want to address and critically create a clear understanding of WHY; from this a strategy will be developed that will articulate HOW you can move forward. This is documented into a personalised plan that you will be able to access and add to using your Living Life Better online membership, something that you automatically receive at your first appointment.

Base Camp includes:

  • A one hour consultation
  • Development of a fully documented ‘Living Life Better Plan’
  • Annual membership to the Living Life Better platform that includes
    • Blogs and podcasts featuring local people and organisations who are committed to the ethos of local people Living Life Better
    • A whole host of tips that will help develop Body, Mind and Soul
    • A directory of our local network partners and the special offers they have made available to Living Life Better members
    • Cost £225 for initial consultation / £195 for follow up consultation

Some people may require a Boost to get going:

Boost is a 12 week programme to ‘kick start’ a change in attitude and action. You will receive:

  • Two appointments with a lead consultant
  • One digital 72 hour lifestyle assessment
  • 6 subject specific coaching sessions
  • All the benefits of Living Life Better membership
  • Cost £995

Tracker is designed for people who are proactive and want a regular check in with Living Life Better.  It is an annual subscription model that is designed to ‘keep you on track’ and you will receive:

  • Four appointments (1 per quarter) with a lead consultant
  • Two digital 72 hour lifestyle assessments over the year
  • All the benefits of Living Life Better membership
  • Cost £995

Digital Lifestyle Assessment using the Firstbeat Bodyguard Monitor we will produces an objective report that maps body response against actions, behaviours and perceptions over a three day period.  Used by leading sporting and corporate organisations it is one of the most sophisticated and objective ways to look at the multiple factors that contribute to an individual’s health, wellbeing and performance.

After wearing the monitor you will receive a detailed report and have an appointment to talk through your data.

Cost £195