The balance between stress and recovery has a huge effect on our everyday performance and health.
We combine reliable and accurate personal data with expert coaching to help you understand how you are dealing with life, both at and away from work.

The Support That Will Help You…

Sleep Better

Conquer Stress

Exercise Well

How It Works

Choose your ideal subscription length

Wear our accurate & reliable HRV and 3D motion tracker

Evaluate progress and access real-time data via the Firstbeat Life App

Receive expert coaching sessions from our team

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All our plans include:
  • Unlimited self assessments during the term of your subscription
  • Additional coaching sessions
  • On going subscription to Firstbeat Life
  • Anonymised group reports

What People Say

“My Firstbeat Life results made me aware of  my physical activity, any moments of  recovery at work, and my sleep patterns.”


“I especially like to monitor my Fitness Level  and to see how the impact of remote work  differs from office work.”


“Doing regular measurements means I can  clearly see the impact of different actions  and the impact of the changes I have made.”

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